Protein Structure Prediction using Parallel Artificial Bee Colony Optimization
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1 #ifndef MOVCHAIN_H
2 #define MOVCHAIN_H
6 #include <stdio.h>
7 #include "movelem.h"
8 #include "int3d.h"
14 void MovChain_set_element(MovElem * chain, int eleIdx, unsigned char bb, unsigned char sc);
20 MovElem * MovChain_create(int size);
26 void MovChain_build_3d(const MovElem * chain, // input
27  int chainSize, // input
28  int3d **coordsBB_p, // output
29  int3d **coordsSC_p // output
30 );
33 #endif // MOVCHAIN_H
void MovChain_build_3d(const MovElem *chain, int chainSize, int3d **coordsBB_p, int3d **coordsSC_p)
Takes a chain of movements and returns the spatial position of BB and SC beads over the 3D space...
Definition: movchain.c:60
Routines for mathematical manipulation of vectors and points in the integer space.
Type for representing a tridimensional coordinate.
Definition: int3d.h:17
unsigned char MovElem
Type that holds 2 movements, one for the backbone and one for the side chain.
Definition: movelem.h:21
Routines for manipulating MovElem units, which represent relative movements within a protein...
void MovChain_set_element(MovElem *chain, int eleIdx, unsigned char bb, unsigned char sc)
Changes the given &#39;chain&#39; in position &#39;eleIdx&#39;.
Definition: movchain.c:10
MovElem * MovChain_create(int size)
Creates a chain of movements with &#39;size&#39; bytes.
Definition: movchain.c:14