Protein Structure Prediction using Parallel Artificial Bee Colony Optimization
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 abc_alg.hPublic header file with routine for performing prediction of a protein structure
 hive.hRoutines for manipulating the bee hive global object
 elf_tree_comm.hEfficient scatter/gather routines that use a tree-like communication pattern
 CUDA_header.hCUDA routines for calculating collisions and contacts among a beads
 fitness.hPublic header file with routines for calculating the fitness of a protein represented as a chain of relative movements + hp chain
 fitness_private.hPrivate header file solely for usage by fitness files
 gyration.hRoutines for calculating gyration of a vector of beads
 solution.hRoutines for manipulating Solution objects, such as creation, randomization, perturbation etc
 solution_mpi.hRoutines for transmitting Solution objects to and from other nodes within an MPI environment
 solution_structure_private.hHolds the opaque structure Solution, which shouldn't be modified by files other than solution files
 config.hRoutines for manipulating the configuration YML file
 hpchain.hRoutines for handling HP chains
 int3d.hRoutines for mathematical manipulation of vectors and points in the integer space
 movchain.hRoutines for managing chains of MovElem units
 movelem.hRoutines for manipulating MovElem units, which represent relative movements within a protein
 random.hRoutines for random number generation